(23/10/2018) Discover the new look of FLASH NET KING!

New packaging for our powerful Flash'Net degreasers ! 

(15/10/2018) Discover our range of soap and dispenser devices!

Our range of soaps and dispensers KING TAG is ideal for cleaning and perfuming hands pleasantly.







(19/09/2018) Our range of powerful odours destructor expands !

 New ! Discover our Powerful odours destructor Romance 750ML KING !













(25/05/2018) A cool summer with our Fresh Water Spray KING !

 Our Fresh water spray 400ML KING is essential in times of strong heat to refresh your skin and bring you a pleasant feeling of well-being.





(19/03/2018) New in ! Releasing spray 500ML QUICK U2 !

Ideal for greasing all your dishes and molds, the releasing spray 500ML QUICK U2 is essential for your cooking achievements! 





(07/02/2018) Discover the King yellow wax in its new iron drum !



(04/12/2017) New in: one shot odours destructor !

(23/11/2017) Discover the new chrome plated air freshener dispenser !

(03/11/2017) Potpourri detergent becomes


(16/10/2017) GET RID of unpleasant odours easely and effectively !

(25/09/2017) Puck white food grease gets INS certificate !

(06/09/2017) Puck lime air freshener is back with a new look !

Discover the new LIME perfume! No wet fallout !

(01/08/2017) NEW ! Oven cleaner 750CC KING !

The new Oven cleaner 750CC KING is the best for quick cleaning of ovens, grills, deepfryers, etc.



(19/07/2017) New formula : Food grade silicone 500ML PUCK !

PUCK 500ML Food Silicone is INS registred for safe use in the food industry!


(11/07/2017) NEW ! Releasing spray 250ML KING !

Ideal for greasing all your dishes and molds, the releasing spray 250ML KING is suitable for professional and consumer use ! 

(04/07/2017) NEW ! White boards & screens cleaner 200CC KING !

 Especially made for regular maintenance of white boards and screens (LED, LCD, plasma, etc.), it cleans perfectly and prevents the quick return of dust.

(06/06/2017) New ! Leather balm 500cc KING !

Leather balm 500cc KING revives the shine of leather and allows to preserve it !




 The new stainless steel cleaner 750cc KING renews and shine stainless steel without damage.


Ultra powerful candy air freshener 750ml desodor U2 is here to give your rooms a touch of perfumed sweetness !

(11/04/2017) New in : Rustproofing 500ml PUCK !

 The new Rustproofing 500ml PUCK is a transparent rustproof coating which stops the propagation of rust.

(31/03/2017) The only limit is your imagination with our food range !

 Our cold baking spray KING 500mL and our food varnish KING 400mL are here to help you in your finest compositions!

(09/03/2017) NEW ! Powerful blower dust remover 400ml KING !

This powerful dust remover KING is the best for the dust removal of the most fragile surfaces without abrasion !





(09/02/2017) Fight winter with the antifrost PUCK !

The antifrost PUCK agent is optimal to fight frost in winter! Immediate action that doesn't damage your windscreens, windows or locks.

(25/01/2017) Discover our new Ecolabel doses !

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