Of 1936-1990:

Creation of Laboratoires Michel at St-Egrève specialized in cleaning and insecticides products.
In 1949, creation of SICO and launch of aerosols activity.

Of 1990-2000:

New headquarter of SICO in Voreppe.
Launch of the second plant in Voreppe. With this new plant, the company develop liquid actvity.

2000 to the present day:

Aquisition of ISO 9001 certification « 1994 version » then « 2008 version ».
In 2014, launch of its third plant in Blyes, in the industrial park of “La plaine de l’Ain”, the first European industrial park certified ISO 14001 and EMAS (Environmental Management Audit System). With this third plant, S.I.C.O. intends to develop in cosmetic, veterinary and food sectors.

SICO reach 27,000 m² of covered industrial park and and reconizes:

4 formulation rooms.
8 packaging lines of aerosols.
6 packaging lines of liquid with one dose packaging line.

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