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Graffiti remover C1 (with no chlorine solvent)
500 ml

Removes all graffiti from fragile surfaces (plastic, laminated an vinyl surfaces, whiteboard). Removes paint, lipstick, and felt pen marks.

C1 can have a limited effect on old graffiti.

It covers a surface of 8m² per aerosol can*.
* Surface may vary depending on the support and the type of marking


Tin plate can diameter : 65 mm / height : 195 mm
Nominal volume : 650 ml – Net volume : 500 ml
Box of 12 units

Shake well before use.

Spray the product on the surface to be treated but do not leave the product in contact for more than a minute. Rub with an abrasive sponge or with a cloth for delicate surfaces. Rinse with water, preferably lukewarm or warm. If several applications are necessary, wait for 5 minutes before making a new application so that the surface can become
relatively dry.

Test the product on a small area before applying it over the entire surface to be treated.

Characteristic : when using it on whiteboard, clean afterwards with a degreaser

C1 is used on fragile surfaces.

It is used on plastic, laminated and vinyl surfaces. It can also be used on whiteboard.

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