safety data sheet 

detergent data sheet

Graffiti remover PREVENTIVE

Used to:

- Prevent uncontrolled posters:  it prevents bond of posters onto wood, plastic, metal, coated paper, glass surfaces, on which it leaves a transparent and invisible film after a few hours of drying.

- Protect surfaces:  especially porous, stone or concrete type surfaces against any type of inscription:  ink or paint, atmospheric pollution.

Covering capacity:  7 to 9 m2 per liter depending on the condition of the support.
Remanence 6 months to 1 year.


5-liter drum made of non-polluting plastic when incinerated.
4 x 5 liter box.


Shake before use.
Apply with a brush or a spray.  Dry in a few hours.

Anti-posters :
The surface must be clean and dry.  Apply two coats on porous or semi-porous surfaces.

Anti-graffiti :
Applied on dry surfaces.  Apply 2 coats on porous supports, the second being applied on top of the first when dry.

Use soapy water and a brush or apply a water jet (pressure 100 to 140 bars) to eliminate texts.

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