safety data sheet 

detergent data sheet

Oven cleaner
500 ml

Oven degreasing and stripper agent and accessories.

Detaches and disperses carbonized grease to prevent redeposition.
Fast and efficient cleaning of ovens, roasters, grills, barbecues and barbecue hoods, fireplace windows, fireplace hoods, removes burned materials from some dishes ?.


65 mm diameter aerosol can 195 mm high.
Nominal volume:  650 ml / Net volume:  500 ml.
Box of 12 aerosols.


Respect the method of use.
Shake before and during use.  Warm the oven up for 3 to 4 minutes with the door closed.  Switch it off and pull out the power plug for electrical ovens.  Shake the aerosol vigorously and spray foam over the surface to be cleaned, taking care not to hold the can in the upside down position.  Allow to react for about ten minutes, then clean using a wet sponge.
Rinse kitchen accessories and dishes thoroughly with clean water.

Usage precautions
Do not use on aluminum, copper, varnished or painted surfaces, walls of mini ovens and microwave ovens.

Protect from frost.
Contains potash.  PH 13.5.

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