safety data sheet 

Strong degreaser for floors and surfaces
5 L

pH 11,4
Special cleaner for roadside equipment and washable painted surfaces.  Eliminates greasy and oily dirt, insect dirt, dust, soot, exhaust fumes on automobiles, tanks, containers, signposts, toll booths, glass panel façades, tiled floors, paint, bitumen, etc.
Easy to rinse, restores gloss and sparkle to surfaces.  It is self-drying and leaves no traces.  Does not stain windows.  Does not attack chromium, aluminium, rubber or body paintwork.  Does not require the use of hot water when used under high pressure.


5-litre recyclable drum, non-polluting when incinerated.
Box of four 5-litre drums.


Spray the product directly on the previously wetted surface, diluted in water to 2 to 5% depending on the severity of the dirt.  Allow to act for a few moments and finish with complete rinsing under pressure with hot or cold water.

Professional use.

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