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Flying & crawling insects supertox
37,5 g

Insecticide fumigant against flying and crawling insects.

Net weight : 37,5 gr. of powder to treat 150 m3 against flying insects and 100 m3 against crawling insects.

Remanence : from 1 month to 1 month and a half, under normal conditions of use and depending on the condition of the surfaces.

Shake before use. Use the fumigant at the center of the room. Close the doors and windows. Open the box and place it on a larger support than the box, and unaffected by heat (brick, ashtray). The wick is straight, do not move it. Light the visible part by holding a match above it and leave the room.

Leave on for 6 hours at least.

Give a long airing to the room (2 to 3 hours minimum) before using it again.

Do not overdose. Only use in aeras with an easy airing.

Effective against: cockroaches, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, hornets, wasps, moths, bugs, mosquitoes, weevils, beetles, ants, flies, gnats ...

Excellent in a preventive control of insect pests of wood, forming spider webs, wasp nests ...
Recommended for communities, hospitals, laundry, businesses and industries in the adjoining rooms, equipment rooms, garbage rooms, bathrooms, attics, basements ...

Cylindrical can, recyclable.
Safety cover with easy opening.
Box of 24 fumigants

Use biocides with caution. Before each use, read carefully label and instructions concerning the product.

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