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Graffiti remover CURATIVE

Removes graffitis on all types of surfaces.

It covers a surface of 6m² to 7m² per litre*.
* Surface may vary depending on the support and the type of marking.


5L drum
Box of 4 units

Shake well before use : a phase shift is possible if the product has been stored too long. But it has no consequence on the quality of the product.

Use the product with a brush or a spray.
Cover the surface with a thick coat. Hold the brush or the vaporizer at 15 cm from the surface to be treated. Wait for 5 to 15 min. according to the surface, then rub with a cloth or a more or less hard brush (according to the surface and the resistance of the graffiti).
Do it twice if needed and rub until complete disappearance of the graffitis. Then wash with water. To remove writings, use water with soap and a brush or water under pressure (pressure 100 to 140 bars).

Don't use on rubber without any previous test of compatibility.
Don't use on hot surfaces or in the sun.
As a precaution, do always a previous test on the surface to be treated to control the compatibility.

Graffiti remover is used on all surfaces.

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