safety data sheet 

Bactericide foam hand lotion Floral cotton
Cleans, sanitizes and freshens hands with a pleasant scent.
  • Ideal for public toilets
  • Foam texture = more economical
Antiseptic cleansing lotion which transforms into a mousse when dispensed from the pump. The mousse texture of the floral cotton bactericide lotion provides significant savings in terms of use.

Microbiological activity:
  • Hygienic hand washing according to EN1499 in 1 minute at 20°C
pH: 7 ± 0.5

Pour 5mL of lotion into the palm of the pre-moistened hands and wash for 1 minute, following the standard procedure.
Do not forget the interdigital spaces, nails, thumbs and wrists.

Can be used with refillable soap dispensers ref. A13551 and ref. A13475.

Presentation: 5L container
Pack size: Box of 4 units
Pallet size: 128 units– 32 boxes

For individual and professional use.
Biocide category: TP1, human hygiene. Dangerous. Follow precautions for use. Use biocides with precaution. Read the label and other information about the product before use. Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS). Available on request.
Our data sheets are prepared with current knowledge and subject to modifications. Photo non-binding. 12/05/2021 Index 3.1

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