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White air freshener dispenser

  • Dimensions (mm): W100 x H245 x D80
  • Chemical resistant plastic
  • Compatible with insecticides and disinfectants
  • Day/night and spray intervals 7,5/15/30 minutes
  • (15/30/60 days when used 24H)
  • Option INT/ALARM - OFF switch
  • Suitable for 100ml and 250ml refills
  • Low battery indicator LED
  • Empty refill indicator LED
  • Lifetime of the battery: 12 months (2 x «D» Alkaline batteries)
  • Keylock below the dispenser, allowing installation in the room corners
Compatible with 250ML KING refill can :

Air fresheners :
A10417 Pagode (Grapefruit)
A10416 Kassia (Woody aroma, Musk, apple et bergamot orange)
A10418 Sonara (Clean linen)
A11604 Auney (Vanilla)
A11604 Yaca (Cyprus, woody aroma and musk)
A11606 Red berries
A18341 Fresh wind (Apple, Rhubarb, rose, aldehydes, cedarwood)
A18239 Purifying Essentiel'10 (with 10 essential oils)

Technical aerosols :

A10415 Odour destructor (Floral cotton fragrance)
A10414 Bactericide (Mint fragrance)
A10413 Insect killer


Please refer to the user manual supplied with the dispenser.


Unit dispenser (480g)
Cardboard of 12 dispensers
Pallet quantity:  648 units – 54 boxes

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