safety data sheet 

Degreaser Flash net
750 CC
Efficiently removes grease from all surfaces.
  • Powerful
  • Adapted for automatic cleaners and central cleaning stations
  • Suitable for indirect food contact*
  • pH : 13,5 +/- 0,5
Powerful degreasing of all surfaces.

Easily removes any type of stain:

Greasy or oily stains, mineral stains (dust or soot, urban pollution, nicotine), insect smears, sludge, tar, paint marks, ink, felt-tip, crayon, makeup, glue, shoe sole marks, wax, tannin etc.

Can be applied to all washable surfaces:

Cooking equipment, grills, barbecues, ovens, hobs, filters, inserts, modern surfaces, worktops, tables, plastic, stainless steel, glass, tiled flooring, PVC flooring, fabrics, carpets, tools, lawnmowers, blinds, roller blinds, boats, bikes.

Ideal for project completion and refurbishment of premises.

Suitable for use on glass-ceramic hobs when they are dirty.

• Kitchens
• Schools
• Work sites
• Local authorities
• Boat hire
• etc.

For lightly soiled surfaces dilute with 5 to 10% water.

For more heavily soiled surfaces use the product neat.

Adapted for automatic cleaners and dilution centers: 0.5% dilution.

Apply the product directly to the surface to be cleaned. Leave to work for a few moments depending on the level of soiling, then rinse with water.

For fragile surfaces, test on an inconspicuous area prior to use (notably for surfaces such as aluminum).

* To clean surfaces which may come into contact with food, it is compulsory to rinse with drinking water.

Packaging unit: 750ML spray container
Sales unit: Box of 6 units
Pallet size: 630 units – 105 boxes

Dangerous. Follow precautions for use.
Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS). Available on request.
Our data sheets are prepared with current knowledge and are subject to modifications. Photo non-binding. 31/05/2021 Index 3.5

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