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Odour destructor for air and textiles 5L U2
Removes the bad smells in the rooms and on any kind of textiles or clothes.

Clears unpleasant odours like mildew, cigarette, moisture, perspiration, oil, urine, feces, vomit ... contained in textiles like curtains, mattresses, upholstery, carpets, sports equipment, locker, vehicle interiors, etc.

Thanks to its neutral fragrance, experience a feeling of clean freshness. Does not stain (with fragile textiles, test on a hidden part before use)

Intended to eliminate odours in many environments :
  • Cafes, hotels, restaurants: cooking odors, garbage, rooms, ...
  • Public places (theaters, sports halls, shops, supermarkets, swimming pools ...) changing rooms, trash can areas, sewage smell...
  • Health: hospitals, nursing homes, morgues ...
  • Communities : Local schools, community kitchens, municipal buildings ...
  • Refuse disposal : wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, waste sorting centers...
  • Industry: workshops, warehouses, etc.
Product ready for use. Spread uniformly in the room by 2 to 3 sprayings per 50m3.
For textiles, spray directly on the tissue to be treated (for sensitive fabrics, do a prior testing).

5 liters drum
Box of 4 units
Palletization : 128 units – 32 boxes


Dangerous. Observe precautions for use.
Consult the security data sheet (SDS), available on request.

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