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One shot odours destructor Frost line
75 ML
Definitely eliminates unpleasant smells.

With an absorbent and neutralising substance, it neutralises all unpleasant odours while leaving a delicate fragrance.

Effective against animal, vegetable or industrial odours.

Dry and colorless spray.

Allows practical use in automatic diffusion (single-use fogger).

One 75ml aerosol can treat a maximum volume of 90m³.

It can be used everywhere: bin storage area, toilets, bathrooms, restaurant rooms, hotels, offices, waiting rooms, schools, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, ambulances, sanitary transport, etc.

Push on the nozzle, in an empty or full room.
Leave the room, the propellent get free automatically and wholly.
Keep the room closed for at least one hour.
Ventilate the room after treatment for at least half an hour in order to completely change the air of the treated volume.
Do not spray in a space of less than 0.5m³.

Aluminium can diameter - diameter : 45 mm / height : 78 mm
Nominal volume : 110 ml / Net volume : 75 ml
Box of 6 units
Palettization : 3240 units – 540 boxes

Dangerous. Observe precautions for use.
Consult the security data sheet (SDS), available on request.

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