Performance & quality

At your disposal, we offer specific solutions according to your needs :

Full service : from formulation to delivery of manufactured product
Service on request : for example, conversion of bulk products into aerosol

Our benefits :
  • Formulator and manufacturer
  • Strong experience
  • Multisectoral expertise
  • Flexibility and quality of service
  • Products always at the forefront of technology
  • An available and responsive sales team in France and abroad

  • Innovation, quality and compliance with regulations
  • Our R&D laboratory performs from your specifications:
  • Study of new formulas
  • Design formulas
  • Production of prototype
  • Samples and test for stability and compatibility

  • A solution for all your needs
  • Containers, barrels, drums, bottles, doses
  • Aerosol cans (tinplate cans, aluminum cans or shaped aerosol cans)
  • Propellant : aerosol-specific butane, propane, dimethyl ether, HFO, C02, nitrous oxide, nitrogen


  • Creativity and consistency with your corporate identity
  • Our graphics studio can design the artwork for your products allowing them to remain up to date with the regulation.


Performance and quality


Our company is certified ISO 9001: 2008. Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification for 2018

Every step of our process is subject to strict controls carried out by our quality and regulatory department (quality and safety controls, including pressure measurements, are performed at each stage of manufacture). The regulatory department ensures continuous updating of our formulas, in accordance with the evolution of European regulations in force (REACH / BIOCIDE / CLP / IFRA/ COSMETIC, etc.).


Our filling lines aerosols and liquids are fully automated and equipped with the latest technology which allows us great flexibility in manufacturing.

We can achieve a consecutive series of 1200 to 100,000 units for capacities ranging from 16 ml to 1000 ml for aerosols and 20 ml (doses) to 1000L for liquids.


Responsiveness and flexibility
We have large storage space allowing us to maximize our responsiveness in shipping your order.
Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) allows products to be organized and located by arcode, and optimization of orders, such as compliance with FEFO (First Expire, First Out). Moreover, an automated guided vehicle is on a storage system of narrow aisles over 5 levels.
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